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Why Choose Tua Model Schools

Tua Model Schools Why Choose Tua Model Schools
Last Updated11 Jun, 2023 08:06:26

Why Choose Tua Model Schools


Parents desire their children on leaving school to be employable possessing leadership qualities and be able to create/engage in a profitable enterprise. Parents manifest frustration and self-doubt about the ability of their children to achieve financial independence. However, parents ought to have rest of mind about their children's future career successes, and children should be financially independent of their parents after leaving school.

Our mission is to equip students to be independent upon leaving school. Our students get to know their roles to succeed in life like the tiny mustard seed that turns into the great oak tree. The children in TMS master the act of perseverance and acting timely to remain ahead of the tide. In TMS, we propel ourselves by our vision that the essence of life is the contributions we make towards uplifting humanity, leveraging character, and learning to make the world a better place.

People extol Tua Model Schools' learning based on the first-class use of modern technology, guiding students to discover their genius. In TMS, we are first-rate; continually pursuing excellence, and never relapsing on past successes. Trust Tua Model Schools as the excellent transformational guide that parents need to meet their desire for every child to succeed and enjoy a quality impactful life.

Extracurricular and Student Ownership Activities

Our students ownership activities involve elucidating learning themes in club activities (such as membership of the Science, Maths, Arts, and Technology club, public speaking and press and current affairs club, French club, music club, choreography (stage dancing), crafts, scripture union, etc.) provide students opportunities for knowing why learning is important and the foreseeable future use of the knowledge they gain in the learning programs; making the learning programs fun and student-friendly, helping the students in appreciating virtue, developing innate talents, latent skills, and building self-confidence.

Commitment to Character Development
We place a strong emphasis on the character building of the child and therefore invest our resources in creating a strong foundation of good morals and integrity in our students. We equip each child with the thinking capacity/competence emphasising higher values and service to humanity/community above the self.

Entrepreneurial Skill Acquisition
As the trends in careers are changing, we understand the importance of exposing our students early in life to skills and training that will prepare them to become the ultimate game changers in a competitive economy.

Leveraging Innovative Education
Our access to first-class innovations in education allows us to provide excellent learning tools and options for our students. From our first-rate coding program to our top-notch facilities and facilitators, we offer the excellent transformational guide that parents need to meet their desire for their children to succeed and enjoy quality impactful lives.

Leadership Coaching
We believe children are the future decision-makers of any nation, we therefore deliberately inculcate leadership virtues in their daily curriculum such as respect, intervention, compliance, ethics, accountability, time management, etc., and we mentor them daily to assume a commensurate level of responsibilities depending on the child's maturity level.

Ennobling Humanity
We start early to inculcate the essence of life in every child in TMS as the contributions we make, no matter how small, to one another and to the society to become a better place. This is our vision at TMS raising each child's awareness of our individual and collective responsibility to contribute our quota in the quest to uplifting humanity.

Nurturing Individual Genius
Every child is unique with distinct learning abilities and patterns; we identify and nurture the primer inclinations in a child as well as harness their greatest strengths equipping them early with the knowledge of the pattern for attaining maximum potential in the profession of the choice.

Competent and Professional Tutors
We have an amazing team of passionate, professional and selfless tutors who understand the intricacies of child care from the Pre-K level to high school level and are always adopting cutting-edge technologies and inventions in education to remain the best in the field.

E-Learning Environment
With 24 hours, uninterrupted access to the internet in all our classrooms, we deliver electronic learning using our interactive whiteboards giving our students a wholesome learning experience with practical applications.

Our brand promise spells EXCELLENCE
E - Empowerment
X - Xtracurricular and student ownership activities
C - Commitment to character development
E - Entrepreneurial skill acquisition
L - Leadership coaching
L - Leveraging innovative education
E - Ennoble humanity
N - Nurturing individual genius
C - Competent and professional tutors

About Tua Model Schools

At Tua Model Schools we run day and boarding school programmes, we have shuttle bus services, we enroll children from ages 0 to 21, and we also enroll children with special learning needs.......